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Yahweh Rapha Center of Advanced Energy Medicine

at the center of the root cause there is wholeness


Writer, Author, Master Instructor IET, Energy Touch Practitioner. Founder of Yahweh Rapha Center.

Daphne Thompson

Daphne has been a holistic practitioner of Energy Medicine for over a decade. She became a Master Instructor in Integrated Energy Therapy® in 2008. Since then, she has pursued studies in advanced healing techniques in working with the human energy biofield and its multiple dimensions at the Energy Touch® School of Advanced Healing.  To quote her from a recent interview, "I use my gifts, skills and knowledge responsibly to support the physical, emotional and spiritual health of my clients, and it is my highest intention to strive always toward developing an environment of peace, harmony and nurturance for healing to occur." 

Daphne also writes children's novels and books on topics of spiritual development. She resides with her spouse, two children and cat in Northern Michigan. 

*All illnesses are addressed and examined with the intent of EGR (Ener-Genetic Recoding) restoring wellness. I cannot however diagnose or prescribe therapy that requires a license to practice unless specifically qualified to do so. 

Healing By Design

Over the years, I've witnessed many clients suffer with various forms of sickness, illness and disease that have stemmed from an inner instability of knowing who they are. Life is a gift to discover who we are in Christ. WE ALL come into this world with some form of spiritual sickness that leaves us blind to our true sense of purpose. For some, this discovery process takes longer than for others. We are not to lose hope. For each of us have gifts from the Divine that are meant to be discovered,opend and used to bring light, love and healing into the world. 

When lacking a true sense of purpose and self worth, it is difficult to near impossible to find meaning in life. In fact, if kept unchecked, overtime the body will begin to deny its 'self' residing within, and from there a self destruct mentality and perception start to form seeds that grow deep like roots  that embed themselves into our concious mind, which is the soil and subconcious mind where we get the seeds of growth from. These roots form into habits in our lives  that rely on and depend on the beliefs that support them.  When examined, 98% of the time I find that these beliefs do not align well with God's Word, Will, Plan or Promises. These are the roots that look safe to travel in, but leave us feeling depleted of joy, purpose and a higher love that we can tap into and bring into the world.  These are the roots that chain us to the soil of doubt, worry,  pride,  fear, hatred, jealousy, idolotry and addiction that keep us from our true destiny in life and from enjoying life with a sense of purpose in the Divine. If God is calling you to die unto yourself and take on new life in Him, you've found the right place. Welcome to Yahweh Rapha Center pilgrim, and just BELIEVE, we'll do the rest.  

Many of my clients over the years have seen the healing of God by learning to see and believe in a new Christ like identity in themselves , one that has the power and authority to radically change lives around them, beginning with their own. 

~ Daphne

Travel By Design

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Soul Fitness Consultations

Don't know where to start? Take the self discovery exam to find out exactly what's missing, what's holding you back and what's keeping you there. See what hidden treasures lie within you waiting to wake up and fullfill your divine destiny and purpose in life.  By registering for a soul fitness consultation you'll discover where the best place is for you to start. 

During the consultation, you'll be guided l into taking a deeper and closer look at the true self  residing in you. Using the gifts that were opened for me in the year 2000 (clairaudience and clairvoyance), and your own soul's cooperation with the Holy Spirit,  I'll pin point areas that need addressing, clearing and or strengthening. You'll leave the session feeling lighter and better by having made contact with your soul in a way you've never felt or known before. You'll also take with you an initial plan to move forward in life the way you've always imagined, but never could with the many unforeseen forces that keep you from being your best.  

You Were Born With Spiritual Powers

It is said that we are all born with a psychic ability. Through our experiences we build up walls against the world and lose our ability to use our special sense of other’s spirits and get out of touch with our own. Our consciousness loses the ability to control its spirit power. Later, we can restore this ability through life-altering experiences or through development of our spiritual powers.